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Primordial to the project "At Home at the City Hall" are the right of say and participation. The cooperation with the various schools is one of the strengths of the project. Moreover, the participation of classes ensures that the voice of a diverse group of young persons is heard. By receiving classes on a weekly basis a constant input of signals from the young persons themselves is insured, making the city constantly keep abreast with the target audience of young persons between 10 and 12 years, from Ghent.


Ensuring young persons in their class/tutor group know who you are - have a poster in your main tutorial space, running drop in sessions.

Lead 10 minutes of tutorial once a month on Learner Voice.

Gather feedback for meeting from fellow young persons, using questionnaires, surveys, petitions and student forums

Attend Departmental Learner Voice Forums and Student Council (each termly) – feeding information from these back to classmates

Identify young persons needs, issues and positive stories and take these forward via meetings or raise immediate issues with Tutor, Curriculum Manager or Student Services. Find out if any concerns can have solutions without being escalated at this point.

Liaise with the Deputy for Education to support any cross college or national campaign - Help to promote any forums or campaigns for young persons to express their ideas.

Ensure records are kept of conversations with students, notes from meetings and student celebrations in the Google Shared folder.
Represent young persons views on education, teaching and learning - not only their own. Do not let your personal views impact upon your unbiased work as a Class Representative.


There is an open call to all schools in Ghent. The schools are received in the town hall, receive a guided tour, and the pupils play an educational game. Afterwards, the pupils can present their proposals to make Ghent more child-friendly. The proposals are prepared and chosen in advance in the classroom.


Every Thursday (except holidays) since 2008.


Pupils can put forwards questions which serve as incentives and provide ideas on which the City can build. Pupils sended in many proposals, in the 10 years of the "At Home at the City Hall" project, on themes as: playgrounds, green & nature, the environment, mobility & traffic, leisure, sport, public space & environment, and culture.

The Youth Service Center will ensure that all proposals will be forwarded to the responsible city services and organizations. All proposals will be compiled annually and communicated to the competent aldermen and district directors.



High degree / regularly

Gender sensitivity:

High degree / regularly

Culture sensitivity:

High degree / regularly

Doable (practical):

Minimal / low


High degree / regularly

Replicable and adaptable:

High degree / regularly


High degree / regularly

Type of good practice



Democratic dialogue, Promoting democratic values, Youth civic participation


One day or less

Type of activity

Group activity


Lien Snoeck (Team Participation City of Ghent)


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