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Intellectual Outputs

Course A:  Attitudes and Self Awareness: The partnership will devise a course that focuses on the development of self-awareness, attitude and skill formation as well as the eventual cultivation of professional reflective practice. It will support practitioners to engage with young people in trusting ways to examine and understand their legacies of experience, so that their aspirations can be not only envisaged but achieved.


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Course B:  Using good practice to promote democratic dialogue and civic participation for young people at risk: The partnership will devise a course that focuses on the development of professional skills in applying a selected number of innovative good practices that promote democratic dialogue and civic participation. The methods and/or tools that will be used have been developed, tested and revised by the partners. The practices were selected with special attention to the general applicability of methods/tools on different youth groups, socioeconomic conditions, as well as sociocultural settings, and are aiming to include young people in participatory democratic processes. An online questionnaire for assessing user satisfaction will be produced.

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Good practices:  Platform for sharing of good practice in the field of promoting democratic dialogue and youth civic participation: The partnership will set up a digital platform for the sharing of good practice. The good practice consists of methods, tools, training tools, and how to implement them. It also includes examples of identified organisational structures that promote democratic dialog and civic participation. There will also be clear information on how quality has been assured in the good practice that is included. The database will be created from information collected and developed by the partner organisations according to common criteria. Common templates will be created and used to collect the data.

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Ulrike Wennerholm - Project coordinator

She has an extensive experience of international projects and has successfully led and/or supported more than 40 European projects, in particular within the programme for life-long learning, Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci, and also some Erasmus+ projects. She is also an active representative for the City of Västerås in the ENSA-network since 2004.

Brian De Lord - Partner

He is a former Head-teacher, youth worker, psychotherapist, lecturer and CEO. He has extensive experience of providing integrated services for the most excluded groups and training for those supporting them over 43 years. He also has 15 years experience of working in EC funded projects in other organisations.

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