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Meeting Rotterdam

Second meeting round-up

The second transnational meeting took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The main objectives of the meeting were broken down into four components: Rotterdam’s best practices, development of website/database/social media, discussion of A-course, and reflection, evaluation and future planning. Our venue was on the 40th floor of ‘De Rotterdam’ building, where we could enjoy the beautiful view of the city while learning about local best practices. Towards the end of the day we discussed the website and the necessary changes that need to be made. The meeting was concluded with an evaluation, next steps and an action plan for the meeting in Syros!



Second international meeting of the We Hear You project:  Field visit at the City Story Centre Belvédère: “Promoting  the happiness of the people in Rotterdam and achieving a more engaged and involved city and society", by Anja Brand, Verhalenhuis Belvédère, Rotterdam


From Anja Brand:  On the occasion of the activities held during the 2nd transnational project meeting, the partners  met at Belvedere for a special dinner event.

What is Belvédère?

Belvédère is the first City Story Centre and monument for intangible heritage in the Netherlands. Here, we make the (personal) stories of individuals and communities within the contemporary city visible and ready to experience. With (positive) encounters we aim to enable new connections within the city and by doing so, to contribute to a more committed and engaged city.


City Story Centre Belvédère is a private initiative, originated and evolved in the genius loci – the spirit of the place. The characteristic building (anno 1894) in Katendrecht, a neighborhood in the south of Rotterdam, has an illustrious history. From grand café and dance palace, cinema and wrestling arena, to a Greek nightclub, artist’s residency and neighborhood museum: many people have their roots and left their traces here. By listening to the stories of the place as well as those of users / participants and passers-by, an intuitive plan quickly grew into a social enterprise with great significance for the city.


For the initial idea and the development of City Story Centre Belvédère three assumptions are of crucial importance: the form of a professional volunteer organization, the fruitful collaborations with the larger institutes as well as the Belvédère Bonds. It is extraordinary that an ever-growing group of individuals supports the acquisition and renovation of the building.


What are its objectives?

Mission: To make people and communities within the contemporary city visible through the arts, culture and personal stories, thus to improve mutual understanding and respect regardless of cultural and ethnic background.

Purpose: To promote the happiness of the people in Rotterdam and to achieve a more engaged and involved city and society."


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