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Vote with candy wrappers


Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel


Quick decisions with every one involved.


At the beginning of the school day, pupils are standing at the entrances with a load of candy (in wrappers). A bit further are 3 trash cans with above them a question, e.a. 'what would you like to do during lunch break?'. On each trash can there is a possible answer (play sports - chill and read - nothing). The pupils drop their wrapper in the trash can with their favourite answer. When everyone has entered the school, you know their opinion.


It’s easy to organise, easy to do. You lure people with the candy, so practically everyone participates.


It’s tested on a number of schools by different pupils, different questions over the years.

The pupils can vote in a simple way, allowing them to participate in the school. This means they are heard and their voices count.

! It is important to let the students know what happens with their votes. What happens to the results? After all, knowledge is also part of participation !


Whenever you need an answer.
At a time there's a lot of people traffic (e.a. the beginning of the school day).


A poster with the question written on
posters with the possible answers
a number of trash cans equal to the possible answers
enough wrapped candy for the school population

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