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Travelling suggestion box


Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel


When Muhammed doesn't come to the mountain, make the mountain go to Muhammed. By bringing the suggestion box into the classroom, you can reach even the quiet ones who won't be heard in a discussion.


Make an interesting suggestion box, for example by putting a backpack on the skeleton from Biology. Pin a (broad) question on its head, such as 'what would make lunch break more fun?'. Each week, the suggestion box travels from one classroom to another. Pick classrooms where practically every pupil comes once a week (PE, Biology...). When pupils have the skeleton in their classroom, they can put their suggestions in its backpack.


Whoever wants to, can participate. No ideas, no worries.

By giving a direction to think in (lunch break, regulations...) you make it easier for pupils to come up with ideas than by saying 'just give us your suggestions for everything'.

A standard suggestion box dies a lonely death. With the travelling version, you bring something new every time. Putting a question on top makes it more specific and easier to come up with ideas.


It’s tested on a number of schools by different pupils, with different school culture over the years.

It may seem like a lot of work, but many schools have already tried this. You can start with just the classes in the same year and then build up.

Each pupil is given the opportunity to give his / her ideas on a certain topic: they think along about the school and actively participate.

! Just remember to let the box 'travel' now and then and to do something with the suggestions given. It is important to let the students know what happens with the results. After all, knowledge is also part of participation !


When the teacher hasn't started yet , or he can give a 2 minute break to write down suggestions.


An original idea box.

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