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Sandwich men


Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel


Gather opinions on a certain topic.


Dress up as a sandwich man with cardboard. Put a question on top (e.a. what do you think of the digital diary) and ask pupils to write their answer on the cardboard. Walk around and let the pupils come to you and/or ask directly if they would like to put down their opinion. You can hand out (edible) rewards.


It’s easy to organise, easy to do. The sandwich men need to be sociable and not afraid to talk to people they don't know.


It’s tested on a number of schools by different pupils, with different school culture over the years.

You get a lot of opinions (especially when you hand out candy of course).

Each pupil is given the opportunity to give his / her ideas on a certain topic: they think along about the school and actively participate.
! It is important to let the students know what happens with the results? After all, knowledge is also part of participation !


During breaks on a school day


Cardboard boxes or sandwich plates

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