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Vasteras stads Gymnasie och Vuxenutbildning is part of the school administration of the local authority of the City of Vasteras and organises upper secundary schools, including VET professional training for students between 16-19 years old and for adults. The city has 143.000 inhabitants ans is situated approximately 100 kilometers west of Stockholm.

The Vasteras stads Gymnasie och Vuxenutbildning provides upper secundary education for ap. 4.800 students every year, 1.200 of them are in the practical programmes receiving VET training. There are more then 600 teachers and trainers in the different schools within the organisation specialised in different relevant fields. The organisation offers seventeen national programmes and works in close cooperation with the lower secundary schools of the city as well as with other providers of adult training, and the local business community. The city and the local university are working closely together in several fields such as students education, teachers training and research. 

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