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Rotterdam is the second large municipality of the Netherlands. The municipality has many tasks for its citizens and youngsters. For example, to prevent drop out from school, child abuse or radicalism, and supporting homeless youth, migrants (unaccompanied minors) or refugees. The motto is 'getting young people qualified for their future’. With the NGO's, youth organizations and volunteers few thousand people are involved for the professional and informal care giving and welfare support of vulnerable youngsters.

The Youth Desk Rotterdam (Jongerenloket) is part of the city administration of Rotterdam. It is the partner in the WHY project, but will represent the city of Rotterdam in the exchange of best practices. As a public local body, the Youth Desk is able to implement good practices in its local and regional policies of the broader Rotterdam-Rijnmond area. The Youth Desk Rotterdam is the gateway for all youngsters from the age of 16 up to 27 who live in the city of Rotterdam. The Youth Desk Rotterdam advises and guides them on their way to independence


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