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Pay with an idea


Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel


The good practice is developed to push young persons into thinking about what could improve their daily environment.


Put up a stand on the playground. 'Sell' something (hot chocolate, hotdogs, cupcakes...) for which the young person can pay with an idea: 'what would you like to change at school?'. They need to write their suggestion on a paper and hand it in.

--> Whoever needs input from a large group.


It’s easy to organise, easy to do. You will get a lot of looney ideas, but that's okay.  You've just created a fun moment for everyone and you even get some cool suggestions in the process.

The young persons will ask each other 'give me an idea so I can go get a hotdog'.


It can be done in any environment. It can be done during breaks.


It’s tested on a number of schools by different pupils, with different school culture over the years.

You will get a lot of ideas, although not all that realistic. That's okay, there are good ones too.

Each young person is given the opportunity to give his/her ideas on a certain topic: they think along and actively participate.

! It is important to let the young persons know what happens with the results. After all, knowledge is also part of participation!



High degree / regularly

Gender sensitivity:

High degree / regularly

Culture sensitivity:

Minimal / low

Doable (practical):

High degree / regularly


High degree / regularly

Replicable and adaptable:

High degree / regularly


High degree / regularly

Type of good practice

Practical tool


Promoting democratic values, Youth civic participation


One day or less

Type of activity

Group activity


Something yummy to 'sell', Table, Poster with the explanation of the concept, Box to put all the suggestions in, Pens and paper.


Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel


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