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Erasmus University College Brussels is a Flemish higher education institution in Brussels, offering a wide range of professionally based BA programs. Its education program is strongly linked to research, art development and services for society.


The department of Education & Pedagogy of the Erasmus University College Brussels educates teachers and coaches in an urban context. Teachers and educational coaches learn to use benefits of the European capital to enhance cultural, creative and critical skills of youngsters. Educational creativity is a way to look at children and detect their talents to stimulate each individual development. 

Problems related to a multicultural and diverse educational context are often perceived as barriers but offer opportunities to learn from each other. A multicultural environment is a place where different societies interact and strengthen each other, creating intercultural awareness. From this point of view, the centre of expertise ‘Urban Coaching & Education’ studies practice-oriented issues in schools, kindergarten and day care. By doing so, it focuses on three headlines or tools: urban education, democratic dialogue and digital learning. The main aim is to validate and disseminate good practices for the professional in the work field

Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel

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