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Focus on: Production of the first on line Course

“Improving cultures & structures for youth democratic participation “

Course for practitioners

We, at Double Helix resources were delighted to be asked to participate in the ‘We Hear You’ Project.

Our main responsibility is to lead the collaborative work that will innovate a course to support

practitioners working with marginalised young people. The working title of the course is:

“Improving cultures & structures for youth democratic participation”.  A course for practitioners”.

We envisage that the proposed course will cover areas such as:

  • The importance of a sense of ‘belonging’ for marginalised students

  • Definition and Impact of Social Exclusion

  • Emotional Literacy & Professional Reflective Practice

  • Suggested ways and methods of working with young people

  • Suggestions around how practitioners can broaden their perceptions

  • Reflections on the application of these ideas and transforming the culture and structure of their organisational services.

  • Suggestions around monitoring and evaluation of the initiatives.


Initial discussions about the content and direction of the course were held in the Project’s initial meeting in Vasteras, Sweden. The draft outline of the course was then researched and collated by DHR and presented to all 28 project participants at the Project’s second meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Feedback from delegates was gathered and the course was edited as a result of this process. The next stage of course production will occur in mid-March when eight of the project participants will gather in London to transition the proposal to the completed e-learning course format, that will be the completed outcome. Delegates will travel from Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Greece to work with colleagues in the UK. There will also be discussions on how this completed course of study will link with the next programme to be produced by the project team, on Socratic Dialogue.


It is envisaged that the e-learning course will use a variety of media applications, such as video, animation and PPT presentations to enable effective support for a wide variety of teachers and youth-workers in the 7 participating European Countries. The completed course will be available for viewing on the WHY Project website.


We have really enjoyed the process of facilitating the creation of this course and we feel confident that we will produce an effective and lasting resource.

by Brian De Lord, Double Helix resources, London UK

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